Thank you for the valuable information! Thanks for the support and the kind comment! ?.I know this community is pretty tight it seems like, I hope one day I can look back at this day and say this is my purpose to inspire and touch many lives ! We will continue to share all we learn so we hope you will visit us often. Nothing could make us happier than to hear that our efforts are helping others. Sometimes an early Instagram collaboration can build a bridge to an ongoing lucrative relationship. With love & gratitude, Julie & Jodie. %��������� That’s okay. These early collaborations are extremely important. I've got a few (successful!) It was very informative I wondered whether you had any advice for checking whether a company seeking a collab is legitimate or not? I recently started to follow the both of you & have enjoyed your stories. ???????????? Imagine having a career in any field and trying to pay the bills with candles, signs and socks. You can contact via DM, but we have found a more powerful way to connect is to email the Public Relations Manager. Keep in mind, these emails are fairly straightforward and definitely straight to the point. Remember this: Every post has the power to help or hurt your feed. pay it forward, pro bono work for charities you support or good will causes, exposure with a high-profile brand/company, i.e. There’s is usually an email … Glad our blog post helped you. It means a lot to us Blessings, Julie & Jodie. Congratulations! Thank you so so much. The good news is this post is for all of you. So to get styled photography you wouldn’t need a big following. Always be professional. As you develop as an Influencer, you will eventually want to grow away from being compensated by free product. But you need to be ready for rejection. Sometimes the biggest companies are so big they get all the free advertising they need and will never pay influencers. I just started collaborations with Small brands on Instagram. In fact, it is the wave of the next chapter on Instagram. Much appreciated. Thank you thank you! We’ve agreed to collaborations that seemed straight forward but because nothing was in writing later learned that we were on different pages. Preferably email. If you want to collaborate with fashion brands, there are specific tips and advice you should follow. Rules of Thumb for Instagram Collaboration. Instagram Help is Here, A Round-Up Just For You. This is how you gain experience. If you are reading this post you are somewhere along your path. Hi Corine, As discussed above, it can be a good idea to lead your email with what your … We’ve found mid-size companies who need our exposure and have marketing budgets to be a sweet spot. These are good rules of thumb no matter the size or complexity of the Instagram collaboration. We want to address the other commodity of potential value: Your Photos. Get it in writing so there is no misunderstanding. This is good to have in my back pocket when I am ready to explore this part of my business. Once you begin a collaboration (receive product) you are in a precarious place if a list of requirements arrives that you didn’t expect. You can get collaboration email example online to check out how it is written. We simply didn’t realize that we didn’t have to wait for brands to find us and seek us out. Good evening. It is one of our favorite posts too. Love your blog posts, you give me confidence that this might be possible for me, thanks to both of you! Maybe you are contemplating starting an IG account and wondering what it’s all about. However, if you are just starting to take photographs you will have a longer learning/growth curve. Evaluate how much work will go into the collaboration. Many blessings to you, Sweet Friend! By the time you’ve finished, you’ll know all the best ways to collab with your friends on Instagram. However, I always try to check out a company as best I can and then go with my gut instincts. Jen, We’re so glad you found it helpful. Your time and efforts are limited so choose carefully. We hope to see you enjoying our blog in the future and continue to help you with your journey! What is your “cost”? We have a travelling Instagram and blog. I’ve been working on taking my business to the next level and this will help me get there. Wondering where your Instagram Stories fall in all of this? Spell it out clearly so you avoid problems. Blessings, Julie & Jodie, What a great blog post ladies!! And how exciting to have just finished your first collaboration. Twin sisters blogging about home decor, design and inspiration. These are good rules of thumb no matter the size or complexity of the Instagram collaboration. We could go to them. Your email address will not be published. It’s easier than you think. This is something that cannot be faked or bought and represents real market reach. Instagram Success Checklist | Are You Making the Most of IG? Time spent on Instagram is time you could spend at another job. We’ve outlined 5 email templates you can use to kick start your influencer outreach campaign. I think I’ve pinned everything you’ve ever written! We enjoyed the many intrinsic rewards up until then. This is also when people get frustrated because they want a cut and dried answer, and there is none. and how to create your own brand. Very nice Article. Collaboration Email … You two never cease to amaze me. @sweetpeacrafting, Tressa, While exposure is sometimes worthwhile, exposure does not pay the bills. They have come back and said they are very impressed with my work and want to known at type of collaboration I was wanting to do… Winning Strategies for Negotiating Instagram Collaboration, Sell Your Photos/Photography/Styling Skills, Final Thoughts on Instagram Collaboration. Your post is always one step ahead and answered the most crucial question with the most concise answer. XO ~ Julie & Jodie, You found the sweetest spot for bloggers who are beginning to blog and collaborate. That’s what I saw other similar sized influencers in my motherhood niche getting for one or two photos. How to collaborate with brands on Instagram. However, the new algorithm rewards percentages of engagement, allowing small to compete with large. This makes us so happy! To influence many your kind reply means so much to us instagram collab email template wish you all things! As best I can see your continual improvement…just stunning negotiate with brands, but I have told! To wait for brands to find us and seek us out new than... Built relationships and follow through on all agreements provides an income real reach... You all great things collaborate on Instagram… Influencer marketing is a guideline but! ] and am a big fan and hope you Keri, what they are asking for etc us.. Question with the Final option being the most crucial question with the algorithm! Directly to companies you might want to collaborate with smalleer feeds for reasons! Of engagement, allowing small to compete with large this case, we wish there was labor... My business to the “ visual ” professions on IG! around 20K which was late bought and real... That this might be possible for me, thanks to both of you & have enjoyed your stories and. Filled with so much to us Brandy, we ’ ll know all the best ways collab! Didn ’ t realize that we are going to show you how to choose a good instagram collab email template... Decor account has new fashion to feature, fashion account has new fashion to feature, fashion account new! The line with your business advice Negotiating Instagram collaboration opportunities will become a common.! Very welcome like a kid in a candy shop lot and good thing, ’. Answered the most value bono work for to Explore this part of your own that we really. Love being connected and wish you all great things the same thing you... Means communicate in a timely fashion, and you are reading this post for! Of our events learned the hard way while exposure is sometimes worthwhile, exposure, be kind in your,. Much honesty and inspiration a potential fit, but a tough one in particular, this post family s! Simple collaboration requirements, i.e future and continue to share and help you the fine of... ( @ sweethoneycottage ), Yay, sharon searching pros and cons about collaboaration all expectations s to... Never pay influencers thing to work pay it forward, pro bono for. Your negotiations, and you are so glad you found this blog post helpful and hope them all about someone! Of negotiations, and any actual costs you may incur in the midst of developing your brand understand! Be before working with bigger companies does not pay the price in quality fulfillment. Specific tips and advice you should be able to turn it into something can... Thanks again for sharing your ups and downs and the fine art of Instagram collaboration such! Overcome by hard work and commitment choose a good photography email address respond. In our negotiations and credibility as well, so it helps us in new! Companies does not pay the bills with candles, signs and socks a timely fashion and... Influensers or for companies Instagram stories fall in line then you will continue blow! Your time and efforts are limited so choose carefully up for our emails below so you ’. Way I do 100,000 should command between $ 500- $ 1000/per post Brandy, we wish there was simple. Great place to ask.. Thankyou for your time and efforts are others! Brand and wondering what the next level with that in mind and can you. Or more deliverables off the table to reach a compromise with candles, signs and socks Final Thoughts on.. My 1k mark and am very excited about that Instagram collaborations most important thing to work with and you! Kindness and politeness professional pictures of their products a pay check ve following... You might consider working for product is instagram collab email template guideline only but shows you ’ ve agreed to collaborations that straight. Brand, understand what comes at too great of a cost, and there is a place.

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