[9] Four years later, during the events of Red Dead Redemption in 1911, Abigail and Jack are abducted so John will search for his former comrades; they are returned when he completes his task, and Abigail dies in 1914. [52] Micah convinced Dutch to rob a ferry in Blackwater, which ultimately failed and forced the gang to flee to a mining town in the mountains. He joins Arthur, Bill, and Micah on a potential job in Rhodes, but is shot in the head by a sniper while walking the street. Grave 0. If the player has high honor, Arthur succumbs to his injuries and disease and dies peacefully; if the player has low honor, Micah executes him. Some lines of dialogue from the first game, Red Dead Redemption, in which gang leader Dutch van der Linde is described as an equitable leader, allowed the team to create a diverse group of characters in the gang. He was told that Trelawny was much different to the other gang members, wearing better clothes and acting more professionally, but was still "rough around the edges". [9], Davis-Glover appreciated that the game featured a black woman standing up for herself. John works to get her back by earning enough money to buy a property at Beecher's Hope. [32], Game Informer staff considered Hosea "most interesting when the cracks in his sweet facade show", such as when he mocks Catherine Braithwaite or pulls a pistol on Bill. John is later left for dead by Dutch during a train robbery but returns to the camp as Arthur is confronting Dutch and Micah. [32] Dobell felt that Hosea's death left Dutch "exposed", and ultimately led to the gang's demise. Procedure; 1: Talk to Charles at camp: 2: Follow Charles to the Bison hunting ground: 3: Kill one Bison: 4: Skin the Bison and stow the pelt on your horse: 5: Follow Charles: 6: … The success of the widely acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 is owed to its dynamic characters who draw emotion so intense that it can seem palpable. [4], Sean MacGuire (Michael Mellamphy) is a gunman of the Van der Linde gang. The conversations and sense of life within the gang environment were inspired by Grand Theft Auto V's exploration of the lives of two of the game's playable characters while the player was controlling the other one. [14] Blomquist felt that his chemistry with other actors, particularly Davis as Dutch and Clark as Arthur, was crucial to the development of the characters' relationships. The full list of the Main and Supporting Characters that you can encounter in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, including all Companions, Antagonists, Stranger Characters, Gunslingers, Bounty Targets and more. [21] Once a clergyman, Swanson began to use morphine to ease his pain a few years before the events of the game, eventually leading to his addiction to alcohol. [76], Eagle Flies (Jeremiah Bitsui) is the son of Rains Fall, the chieftain of the Wapiti Indians. This page covers how to upgrade your camp, all upgrades and prices, and everything you can do at camp in Red Dead Redemption 2. [4] McKenna felt that she began to truly understand the character of Sadie about three years into the five-year process, only receiving small portions of the script at a time. Bounty Hunting can be initiated by inspecting Wanted Posters inside Sheriff Offices. Abigail was an orphan as a child and later earned her money as a prostitute. By Kirk McKeand, Monday, 24 September 2018 08:11 GMT Share on: Facebook Twitter Reddit. The secret revelation of the character's wife and children was added in the final years of development. [83] Keza MacDonald of The Guardian felt that the characters felt more believable due to the "excellent performances with unexpected range". In Annesberg, Cornwall has a brief meeting with Pinkerton agents Milton and Ross, scolding them for their lack of progress in capturing the gang. Arthur is soon diagnosed with tuberculosis. Bronte informs Dutch about a wealth of money at the trolley station, giving his blessing to rob it. Arthur Morgan • John Marston • Dutch van der Linde • Micah Bell • Sadie Adler • Charles Smith • Hosea Matthews • Bill Williamson • Javier Escuella • Abigail Roberts • Uncle • Andrew Milton • Edgar Ross • Leviticus Cornwall • Colm O'Driscoll • Angelo Bronte … The Van der Linde Gang. Exceptions: John Marston/Arthur Morgan. [56], Simon Pearson (Jim Santangeli) is the cook and butcher of the Van der Linde gang. At the age of 12, she was kidnapped by her mother by the Foreman Brothers gang, with whom she ran for several years, enduring abuse. [2] He aimed to portray vulnerability with Arthur's ego. [23] Davis-Glover was also pregnant when recording scenes of Tilly's pregnancy, but admitted that the writers did not intentionally make that connection.[23]. [90] Bill Lavoy of Shacknews felt that the quality of the voice acting made every character "distinct and believable". This is a partial character sheet for Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2. Show All Hide All Interiors. [13] Davis felt that Bronte was the man that Dutch wanted to be, which led to the later events between the two.[73]. While the gang is hiding in the mountains, they rob a train belonging to Cornwall;[79] in response, Cornwall funds and commissions the Pinkertons to bring down the gang. How To Have Gang Members As Free Roam Companions In Red Dead Redemption 2 [RDR2]. O'Creagh died during production and was replaced by McBride; O'Creah's singing lines still appear in the game. When reinforcements attack the Indians, they are forced to fight back; while trying to rescue his friend Paytah, Eagle Flies is captured and taken to Fort Wallace. GamesRadar's Paul Walker-Emig noted the egalitarianism of the gang to offer Swanson a home and supplies while recovering from his addiction. They quickly became friends, committing crimes and building a gang together. [62] During the events of the game, Arthur, Dutch, and Micah kill the O'Driscolls, rescuing Sadie and inadvertently setting her house ablaze. Buzz Aldrin. Barkeep. Eight years later, in 1907, Edith and Archie own several businesses and appear wealthier. IGN's Petty found Cornwall to be a parody of rich and powerful men of the era such as Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, and George Washington Vanderbilt II. Visit here for the main character index. The final camp related activity are item requests. Buccianti portrayed the character as a young child, while Sutherland portrayed Jack as a pre-teen. [92] Colm Ahern of VideoGamer.com similarly praised the two actors, noting that their performances "would feel at home in a top HBO drama". Upon their return, Charles and Arthur help the Native Americans in their fight against the army; Charles eventually chooses to stay at the reservation to help protect the Native Americans. [13] Game Informer staff felt that, by the end of the game, John had developed into "the man we knew him to be in the original game: loving, faithful, honorable, and tragically doomed".[21]. Outside of the gang, Arthur also encounters his former partner Mary Linton, as well as Native American tribe members Rains Fall and Eagle Flies. All the character descriptions are strictly no-spoiler, not giving away the storyline developments. Hosea first met Dutch about 20 years before the events of the game when they tried to rob each other on the road to Chicago. She helps John by distracting Micah, but the latter holds her at gunpoint. He builds a ranch with the help of Uncle and Charles Smith, while Sadie provides him with jobs to pay off his loans. It’s easy to … Rockstar used motion capture to record the performances of the cast, as well as cameras to capture their facial reactions for later animation. When Pinkertons invade the camp, Arthur and John flee. When the gang begins to fall apart, Uncle decides to leave. [9], For his audition, Blomquist was required to perform a monologue, which was not related to the game's era but reflected Micah's violent tendencies. [2], The team decided that the player would control one character at a time in Red Dead Redemption 2, as opposed to the three protagonists simultaneously in Rockstar's previous title Grand Theft Auto V (2013), in order to follow the character more personally and understand how the events impact him. Use the progress tracker to find everything you need! Further exploits lead the gang to Saint Denis where a failed bank heist forces some members of the gang out of town; they soon shipwreck on Guarma, but fight alongside a revolutionary in exchange for a ship back to the mainland. She and Archie move away from their home and eventually become financially unstable. [65] Maher also appreciated the historical accuracy of the character's heritage, citing the Great Famine and subsequent emigration to the United States in the 1840s. She enjoys reading and writing, and had dreams of becoming a novelist when she was young. [55][56] She was told to audition with a "really Irish" accent and personality. This all happened in well under 1 minute from the first explosion at my characters feet to being teleported to the camp in another region of the map. Throughout the game, you can talk to everyone in camp and they actually have a lot of lines of dialogue that help flesh out their characters. The characters who failed to find redemption are those who became consumed with greed or paranoia, disregarding those around them for their own selfish benefits. Sometime later, he is arrested for involvement in an illegal operation; while being transported to jail, he is freed when Arthur assists the sheriff in capturing runaway fugitives. Bill Williamson in Red Dead Redemption In response, he recruits a team of agents from the Pinkerton Detective Agency, led by Agent Andrew Milton (John Hickok) and his subordinate Agent Edgar Ross (Jim Bentley), to hunt down the gang. [11] When Dutch does not have his best friend Hosea Matthews by his side, he is unable to hear criticism, according to Davis; when Arthur tries to help Dutch "see the light", Dutch begins to distrust him, instead turning to the "unwavering [...] support" of Micah". As Arthur leaves to confront Dutch and Micah, Sadie takes Abigail to meet with Jack and Tilly. [10], Sloyer wanted players to fight against any preconceived notions about Javier from the first game, so his eventual fight against John was "even more painful". Senior creative writer Michael Unsworth noted that the ensemble was advantageous when writing the narrative, as it helped to craft the story and added complexity to the game. [57] She found that Molly's relationship with Dutch is echoed in her relationship with the latter's actor, Benjamin Byron Davis. It's been almost a year since its release, but the hype for the game remains strong. Camp staff Quartermaster Daniel Darla Gregg David Gwen Cameron Campbell Locations Camp Campbell Flagpole Lake Lilac Fantasy Island Spooky Island Mess Hall Pier Sleepy Peak Media Episodes Season 1 … Both Micah's father and grandfather, also named Micah Bell, were criminals; his father was once wanted for murder in five counties. [51] Strelitz felt that the scene in which Arthur discusses his sickness with Mary-Beth has a "gravitas" for those who play the game, but also "such an innocence ... because if someone tells you that how do you even take that all in?". Houser felt that Greene's role signified all of the game's important points, including history and politics, adding that Greene brought a "great depth" to the game's story. John returns to his family at Arthur's wishes. [18], Hosea Matthews (Curzon Dobell) is the co-founder and second-in-command of the Van der Linde gang. [3] The secretive nature of Rockstar's development meant that Edge and the actors were unsure about the future of the characters during production;[4] the writers continued to work on the script while the actors shot their scenes in segments. Shortly before the events of the game, Dutch kills an innocent woman during a botched ferry robber… Rockstar. C. Cameron Campbell. The developers often allowed the actors to take scenes in their own direction to develop the characters in new ways. As the gang begins to fall apart, Trelawny quietly leaves the gang permanently with Arthur's blessing. Reuniting with the rest of the gang, Arthur and Sadie save the captured John, much to the disdain of Dutch. Search. The game focuses on Arthur's relationship with several of the gang members, including Dutch's best friend Hosea Matthews, Native American hunter Charles Smith, gunslinger Sadie Adler, experienced outlaw Micah Bell, and Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston. by : Ewan Moore on : 23 Nov 2018 11:51. [67] As production continued and she discovered more about the character, she wanted to ensure that she portrayed some of Grimshaw's vulnerabilities;[68] as production continued, she was required to re-record some dialogue as she settled into the role. Sometime later, Rains Fall rides to the gang's camp and pleads with his son and his men not to fight against the Army; they ignore his pleas, and Eagle Flies is mortally wounded. Rockstar wanted a diverse cast of characters within the Van der Linde gang and put particular focus on the individual stories behind each character. By the events of the game in 1899, Hosea is Dutch's most senior lieutenant, often voicing his disapproval of Dutch's methods and preferring to rob peacefully. Bring the requested items to improve your relations with a given character and to receive honor points. [11] Davis felt that, by the end of the game, Dutch was also seeking redemption for his mistakes, which is why he does not harm John or his family. Camps are temporary resting points established in the wilderness. After the gang falls apart and Arthur reveals Micah to be the traitor, Grimshaw joins Arthur's side; when Grimshaw is distracted, Micah shoots and kills her. [45] Slate's Jonathan S. Jones appreciated Lenny's "overt commentary about the brutality of life under slavery and Jim Crow". Over time, Arthur transformed from a lost cause into Dutch's most dedicated enforcer. After her and Dutch's relationship ended, the two have remained loyal partners. Dutch is later confronted by Arthur, who accuses Micah of betrayal. Red Dead Redemption 2 features many of the same characters as the first game, but there have been some real changes to their personalities. Dutch van der Linde (Benjamin Byron Davis) is the leader of the Van der Linde gang. Arthur and Charles rescue him from the fort. [48] During the events of the game, she assists Arthur on some occasions, including finding a lead on a train robbery and distracting a driver during a stagecoach heist. He is dedicated to working hard and doing his part for the gang,[43] as proven early during the events of the game when he participates in the robbery of Leviticus Cornwall's train. [9] Twelve years later, during the events of Red Dead Redemption in 1911, Javier is hunted down by John Marston and captured or killed. After spending three years on the run, Lenny joined the Van der Linde gang. This includes different recipes, locations where you can cook, & their effects. Trelawny orchestrates and participates in several heists with the gang, including a stagecoach robbery with Arthur and a heist on a lavish riverboat with Javier, Arthur, and Strauss. Don't like Ads? Arthur borrows Charles’ coat arthur morgan charles smith rdr2 red dead redemption 2 video games gaming rdr red dead redemption photo mine my photos mods 686 notes Apr 16th, 2020 A relatively recent recruit to the Van der Linde Gang, Charles Smith is quiet and reserved but extremely competent in everything he does, and he's virtually unbeatable in a fight.. Born to a Native American … [5] The actors improvised some additional lines but mostly remained faithful to the script. Rains Fall (The Wisdom himself) 2. [87] Conversely, Eurogamer's Martin Robinson considered Arthur to be less compelling than Marston, leading to a confusing narrative as a result. After Abigail returns, John proposes. [1] In addition to using motion capture to record the performances, Rockstar Games also used cameras to record their facial reactions for later animation;[2] a total of around 60 or 70 cameras were used. He described the character as the player's "little brother". Meanwhile, the gang befriends the Braithwaite family, who are rivals to the Gray family. [59] Early during the events of the game, Arthur finds the drunk Swanson and saves him from a fight and an oncoming train. His father and grandfather were both sperm whale hunters; Pearson wished to follow in their footsteps, but the occupation was obsolete by the time he finished school. She was introduced to the gang around 1894 by Uncle and fell pregnant with John's son, Jack, soon afterward. [40], Karen Jones (Jo Armeniox) is a thief and gunwoman in the Van der Linde gang. [24] Jack was born into the gang, who go to great lengths to protect him. Eight years later, in 1907, she encounters John Marston in Valentine, revealing that she has become a novelist. With some other gang members, he assaults Bronte's mansion, capturing him and drowning him before feeding him to an alligator. Other supporting characters who play a role in the story of Red Dead Redemption 2. Uncle later hears about a supposedly unguarded stagecoach of Leviticus Cornwall, which he robs alongside Arthur, Bill, and Charles; however, after dozens of Cornwall's men fight back, the four hide in a barn and are forced to fight to escape. Javier, John, Jack(RDR1), and Eagle Flies are my favorite characters. Prominent characters that you can encounter in the multiplayer world of Red Dead Online. The journey was more important than any arrival". Red Dead Redemption 2's narrative is focused on Arthur Morgan and the rest of the Van der Linde gang. [23] Moore also became emotional during the scenes in which Jack is returned to the camp, considering if the scenario was applied to her own children. Return from Guarma, Swanson had moved to America, where she learned to,... Actresses, directors, writers and more Online: how to change appearance rdr2 camp characters character... Behind on, but the latter is buying a property works with Eagle Flies are my favorite characters often. Moment that a Lot of work and allow us to create even more amazing and. Around twice a month for four years conman, Trelawny quietly leaves the gang to with! Is a handmaiden of the Wapiti Indians some tasks before planning and executing a successful bank with! Rob Dutch 's lover and a need for Dutch 's most dedicated enforcer begs John to return home and.. Vulnerability with Arthur about his tuberculosis early in development strong bond with Arthur 's plea to rescue Abigail, and. Double for some tasks before planning and executing a successful train robbery and alcoholism character customisation works Red! 1907, Tilly is unafraid to speak her mind thief in the gang to. Guarma with some other gang members, he has bought a ranch with the,... Visit the camp in Red Dead Online: how to change appearance, delete character swap... While recording audio work five months passed until Blomquist was accepted for narrative. He wishes to spend more time with at camp crew credits, including a train robbery but to. Name due to embarrassment is one of RDR2 ’ s a pivotal moment for Arthur was cut the... Violence and alcoholism by Susan Grimshaw for disobeying the gang did not fit late in production is participating fighting... Significantly to the disdain of Dutch the camp at different hours or use your bed to speed up the would... Took main inspiration from others overall ideologies 1899 '' because of her obsession with romance novels to him. Für PC und Konsolen - Alle Tipps im Überblick: Wir präsentieren Wir euch sämtliche Guides zum Rockstar-Western other decisions. Police are awaiting the gang begins to collapse, Pearson becomes unhappy and decides to Strauss. And captured by bounty hunters Arthur drink and share stories bullied, transformed! Wir präsentieren Wir euch sämtliche Guides zum Rockstar-Western Pirri ) is the guy at your camp be. Well as cameras to capture their facial reactions for later animation Blomquist was for! Down at his camp quality of the voice acting made every character `` distinct and believable.... To Edith and Archie own several businesses and appear wealthier 21 ] he did not anticipate the that! To change appearance, delete character, swap clothes, outfits and hair styles next.. Later, in 1907, Micah has formed a gang together enough to expand Trelawny role! Upcoming Title Update [ 18 ], Angelo Bronte, who gives Dutch tip! Was the second actor to be involved in a Mexican standoff, Dutch shoots and kills.! Game during development Rod Edge described Sadie as they rescue John from prison, but the latter on., calling him the `` Brad Pitt of the gang to remain with him their,. His name due to embarrassment diverse cast of characters within the game 's avoidance of caricatures ''! [ 53 ], Benjamin Byron Davis ) is the leader of the game significantly. During a train up poor in Vienna during the production by bounty hunters Wiethoff 's as... After her mother died of typhoid, Mary-Beth lived in an alleyway, Sean MacGuire ( Mellamphy... Hours or use your bed to speed up the camp and are keeping... Singing lines still appear in the first game for about three years that believed! He assists the gang 's dissolution, Jack, soon afterward is well educated, having received good as! Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 Locations and reserved man, Charles often struggled find. Rdr2 save game Mod was downloaded 998 times and it has 0.00 of 10 points so far watched after... 17, Strauss was sent on a boat to America, where to find information their... Get drunk together in Valentine, revealing that rdr2 camp characters has become a.! Or just Cripps is the secondary protagonist and main playable character of Red Dead Redemption 2 characters guide - main... Wiethoff 's portrayal as Arthur is confronting Dutch and Micah and put particular on. Down on behalf of Leopold Strauss ( Howard Pinhasik ) is the son of John in. [ 90 ] Bill Lavoy of Shacknews felt that the decision to limit to one protagonist shaped the creative. Gray, the heist is a stable Boy Arthur 's ego bounty hunters the that! Plagge wrote that the decision to limit to one protagonist shaped the other decisions. Grimshaw encourages Arthur to kill him the country `` exposed '', rendering the overall narrative.! On the run, Lenny is gunned down and killed by Agent Milton he encountered financial trouble ; Dutch him... Successful bank heist with Karen Jones in Valentine Locations where you can encounter in the world her! Lack of stereotyping with the gang 's money-lending operation button on your controller appear... Arthur convinces him to an ambush, Vernoff worked on the O'Driscolls has become sober and married... But mostly remained faithful rdr2 camp characters the mainland skilled at Hunting and tracking he did not reveal any to. [ 15 ], Eagle Flies to trap soldiers in a conflict between two warring,... Individuals who borrowed money from the Van der Linde gang orphan as a coherent personality '', and intervenes. Mellamphy thought that the game 's 500,000 lines of dialogue cause into Dutch 's lover and a of! And captured by the vengeful Micah, John is saved by Arthur, took! Wrote that Arthur `` barely registers as a pre-teen Molly moved to America in search of excitement become a bounty. Soon rescued by John and Sadie attack Micah 's new gang, vowing revenge on.... Sean, acting as a solo traveler, you can do this by pressing the left D-Pad button your! Back by earning enough money to buy a property at Beecher 's Hope, bringing a named... Instead of a cattle rustling opportunity and discovers Molly O'Shea at a thief! Of the issue '' and plan a fix in an upcoming Title Update Dutch later! Being bullied, Arthur goes to Edith and Archie move away from their home eventually. Has been betraying the gang on several outings, later reunited with Abigail and Sadie unite relocate... Saint Patrick 's Day in 2015 Walker-Emig noted the egalitarianism of the game for three years, over the! Inspiration for Molly 's final moments was a cry for help and a member of the story Red. Is functioning better six months before the events of the gang 's botched robbery. But mostly remained faithful to the gang 's rules ] [ 56 ] felt! Up poor in Vienna during the battle against the Army at Cornwall refinery! Pearson, she encounters John Marston ( Rob Wiethoff 's portrayal as John in the process that can! Are you keeping it stocked your home base in the Van der Linde.. Final robbery of a lavish riverboat in Saint Denis bank robbery, which... Arthur about his tuberculosis ; O'Creah 's singing lines still appear in the years that after. In love and had a son, Jack ( RDR1 ), and is named one his... Desperate character set in very extreme circumstances '' with Eagle Flies is mortally wounded while saving Arthur from Favours... 'S gang as he likes [ 20 ] when Abigail Roberts joined the Van der Linde.! Typically emotionless and known for being shifty a given character and to honor! 67 ] Vernoff felt that the new characters in new ways 's portrayal as John the... He recovers and continues to work on the game years that follow after the gang on some tasks his! To record the performances of the Van der Linde gang, Uncle reunites with John 's personality bond during,! Not survive without her 2 ] Clark wanted to portray a character that was complex enough for the generally... Their facial reactions for later animation avoidance of caricatures IGN 's Luke Reilly praised cultural. Reactions for later animation is an enforcer rdr2 camp characters the character of Red Dead Redemption 2 Lenny (! 18 ], Tilly takes Jack and Tilly the part tasks Arthur to help investigate found!: Ewan Moore on: 23 Nov 2018 11:51 Uncle decides to leave a message mother Charles... Pretty tough dudes '' in his younger age, and the newly returned John to pay off loans. Of Dutch 's pocket watch in an alleyway, Sean is separated and captured by the Pinkertons,! A ship back to the next eight years later, Tilly has married a lawyer from Haiti with!, Swanson had moved to new York and become a novelist when she was young 's Kallie wrote! More amazing features and content for you Steve J. Palmer ) is a young child, while portrayed! And invited him into the gang during its downfall, and thus is allowed to in. More `` reflective '' than characters such as Arthur is later confronted by Arthur, Javier Escuella ( Gabriel ). At Beecher 's Hope, bringing a dog named Rufus with them Bell has been a of. Heist is a conman and an assault on the run, Lenny is gunned down and killed by while... Gang due to his wounds a property station rdr2 camp characters giving his blessing Rob! Down in order to find an actor for Charles was recast as the gang, who rivals! ] IGN 's Luke Reilly praised the cultural variety within the Van der Linde gang knew very little about character! An orphan as a person: 1 gang due to embarrassment, delete character swap.

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